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    Vesta Mount Villa

    Another successful journey is reaching to the final destination - Yes, we started to hand over the apartments to the owners of VESTA MOUNT VILLA - The first house is handed over to the pride owners yesterday. Once again we would like to thank all our customers for their trust in VESTA and their continued support

    You cannot have exterior development without interior development to hold it in place - Successfully completed - February 2022.

    It’s time to start living the real life at Vesta Mount Villa - Current Status as at Mid of July 2020.

    Vesta Mount Villa tiling work started on 10th December 2019.

    At Last, we reached the rooftop !!! We have done the rooftop concreting on 20th of July 2019.

    07th slab concreting - 24th June 2019

    Successfully completed the fifth slab concreting (08/04/2019)

    4th Floor Concreted on early February 2019

    Work progress on 12.01.2019

    2nd Floor ( Transfer Floor) concreting on 25/11/2018

    1st floor Beams form works and reinforcement works are going on 25.10.2018

    Ground Floor works on 11.09.2018

    Work progress on 06.05.2018

    Work progress on 12.02.2018

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